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  Bill L.
M. Architecture Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BA Architecture Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Registered Architect License #7864 Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA
Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Member of the Hong Kong Chapter of AIA
Member of the Boston Society of Architects (BSA)

    Project Record:
Student Residence Hall, Georgetown University Law School, Washington, DC, USA
New Exhibition Building, Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Winterthur, Delaware, USA
Schlegel Hall, University of Rochester School of Business, Rochester, New York, USA
High Library, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, USA
New Science Laboratory Building at Smith College, Northhampton, Massachusetts, USA
Renovations to University of Oregon Library, Eugene, Oregon, USA
New Library building at Macalester College, Minnesota, USA
Hedayati House, Beijing – Villa Renovation and expansion, including exterior finishing and interior design
Red Wall Hotel, Beijing – Design of hotel Fa?ade, Lobby Spaces, and Restaurants
Beijing United Family Hospital - Renovation and Expansion
Deutsche Telekom, Beijing - Office Renovations
    Date: Autumn, 2004
Place: Beijing
    Teresa:How to register a design company/studio in US?
Bill:To register a design company is same as to register a normal company in US.The only thing you need to provide is an identity number(social insurence number,or driving licence number).

Teresa:What is the responsibility of a design company/studio?
Bill:You must issue your architect stamp on the drawing when you provide architectural service, and it is same to those structural engineers and electricity ensure the quality of your drawings and the service after sale.

Teresa:Is there any restriction or requirement when you sign an architectural design agreement in US ?
Bill:There is not any restriction or design companies'classification as it is in China.Design is a kind of service industry. Design companies' bussiness are based on their reputation and the recommendation of their clients.Normally private owner will entrust a designer he likes according to his reputation or a friend's recommendation. Government owner will organize a bid sometimes to select the right design company/designer.There used to be a law that the lowest price will win the bid in Massachusetts,but the government has decided to changed the law as the company's reputation and server quality after sale are very important and priceless, so the criterion of winner should include them as well.

Teresa:How about the design quality control in US
Bill: In US the government control architects through AIA. When a student get the degree in architecture, he has to have several years of architecture experience before he passes the examination of a registered architect and become a member of AIA. He has to gain comtinuing education to renew his registed architect qualification erevry year.If he has serious mistake in any project, AIA can cancel his registed architect qualification.

Teresa:Is there any join venture design company in US? How do they operate?
Bill:Normally the invester will open a company together with local people as this will lower the tax he need to pay.The company board meeting will decide how much profit the share holder will have. and it is possible that one company have more than one directer.

Teresa:How about the surveyor service in US, how do they operate?
Bill:Surveyor service is like architect service. There are many private survey companies just like architect companies in US. An architect company can entrust a survey company to do work for them once he has the authority from the client.The client can entrust a survey company directly as well.

Teresa:During past two years,how do you apply the building code in China?
Bill:As I am dealing with renovation of existing building and interior design most of time,there was not much need to apply building code. In some cases I may ask the interpreter to explain necessary items to me.

Teresa:If US government have any special regulation or encouragement to those architets who apply new technology and new material in their design?

Teresa:What is the typical architectural design phase?
Bill:In China a typical architectural design phase includes: conceptural/schematic design phase, design development phase and working drawing phase. The maket ignore the importance of design management and mix it with the project manager and the job of contracter. In US once an architect has a design project, he will be the person who will decide the detail of design phase and is in charge of the coordination with structure engineer,electricity engineer, HAVC engineer,lighting designer and material supplier. Architect shall go to the site regularly to solve the problems.

What is your standard design fee,and how do you divide them according to different phases,according to what?
Bill: In most projects I have done,design fee varies according to the condition and complexity of the project. The fee varies from 5% to 20% of the project budget. Some times we set a fee acceptable to the clients according to the condition and complexity of the project,and decide the different proportion of different phases. In those residencial projects in China, we charge 600 RMB per sqm, which include space design, lighting design, furniture design, color and decoration design and design cordination with suppliers and contracters.

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