国际生态设计年刊 / International Ecological Designs Yearbook
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Ecology: Pave the Unused Ways for Mankind’s Future

In the natural world,every material has different Life Cirle, every creature has the right to live together peacefully.
In people’s society, every civilization has different history. The different choices of different people form different civilization.
Sustainable ecological Society is a chance to us, everyone has the right to accept it or to refuse it. The decision made by most people will lead the development direction of our society.

Discussion about ecology and healthy houses will often be about energy, air conditioning, emissions, chemistry and physics. Besides this, do we want architecture to express that it is healthy and sustainable? Maybe not only seeing but feeling it with all our senses. The technique is a tool. The goal is a building art for the use of all our senses.

Ecology is about holistic, systematic thinking, integration and synergy effects. “Everything fits together” is a central thesis.
“Each resource should be able to satisfy different needs” is another one.

This can also, for good reason, be said about architecture. Archtecture is also about holistic and systematic thinking, integration of different aspects – functionality, construction, and aesthetics.

The Four Basic Conditions
Stable and sufficient extraction of material from the earth’s surface. Finitely stored resources like oil, metal and other minerals must not be extracted and distributed into an increasing amount of molecule garbage.The solution must be the recycling and minimised use of these materials.
Sufficient and small emissions of substances from society’s production. Nature cannot stand a systematic increase of molecule garbage. This applies especially to the non-degradable, naturally harmful materials like PCB and composite materials
Keep the physical basis for nature’s circulation and diversity. Our future depends on this circulation in nature. A green society needs large areas with soil of good quality and sufficient supply of water. Genetic diversity is also an important quality.
Finally efficient and fair use of resources is a basic social condition to enable the earth’s total population to live under the three first conditions
“We have the power of choosing, anyone of us with all our intelligence, our common sense, our creativity, our courage and our will” Ecology starts at home. With simple tools all of us can change our daily lives and start “cleaning our world to make it beautiful again”
Architects and technicians in their profession have a powerful influence over the choice of technology and material in the design and building process.

There are some obvious driving forces behind the green movement. New national laws have been formulated since the Rio summit.
Those laws are formulated with the following aims:
To protect health and environment, to protect nature and the cultural environment , to secure good economic use of land and water and efficient use of resources, to support recycling and reuse of materials

The market
The market reasons for change are mostly goodwill and competitive advantage. Companies now want to be seen in the front line of sound ecological policy implementation.

Specifics for interior architects/designers:
We have to know about the proper use of materials, products and systems including: Environmental-plans and programs, checklist of intakes, Checklist of outlets, Checklist for environment and health.

All guides for environmental work start with the person in the space and:

Environmentally tested solutions should be chosen before new and untested ones. Before the use of new or unknown materials it must be proven they are not hazardous to nature and not exploiting the environment beyond the natural carrying capacity.

Environmentally better methods, material and products should be chosen if functionally equal

The principle of giving priority
Resource-saving, Re-using, Material re-cycling, Energy re-cycling, Deposition

Specifics for interior architects/designers:
Avoid materials hazardous to health or the environment. All material consists of chemicals. Not all of them are environmentally friendly. They can be hazardous when they are made, used or as wastes

Try to
Use natural materials, local products
sustainable materials, and think about maintenance. You have to find, or work out, ways to do this formally. Knowing this can give you an advantage over your competitors in the market.

An idea sustainable society may be possible to describe, but the road to that goal goes by a good ecological deed every day.We must leave a legacy for future generation. The United States is the world’s leading consumer of resources. If China attains the same levels of consumption per capita it will take 3 planet earths to sustain it. Our Cities are linear creatures that consume natural resources and emit wastes. Our cities must become circular systems which recycles wastes and consumes less of our natural resources

The criteria for "ecological" design:
1 mixing of land use (avoiding monostructured residential or commercial layout),
2 balancing of small and big commercial and public facilities,
3 shortening of travel distances,
4 reduction of the amount of motorized traffic,
5 traffic calming (reduction of motor vehicle's speed),
6 fostering environmentally-friendly transportation means (like pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic and public transportation),
7 protection against noise and aerosol immission,
8 minimizing paved ground,
9 optimizing the balance of building coverage and building heights,
10 increasing neighborhood recreation areas,
11 enabling neighborhood food production,
12 reduction of energy consumption,
13 using renewable energy resources,
14 recycling of solid waste and waste water,
15 intelligent building management

The Contents
I Preface

II IFI Publication about Ecological(by Olle Anderson, pdf. file)

III Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (pdf. File)

VI The Contents of the Ecological Projects(For ABB A9 Online Exhibition)

V Other Articles about Ecological

VI Ther Waste Water Treatment System

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