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Each age finds its own expression in material things and the faculty we use to identify those we find palatable or repellent we call taste.

Taste is overwhelmingly a matter of personal preference, a person's ability to interpret style or add meaning to gestures, flavours or objects...

Taste is not a particular set of values, but the ability to discriminate between things in order to enhance enjoyment of them...

The character of an object is a matter of design, the meaning of an object in use is a matter of taste. (by Stephen Bayley)

CV of Teresa

Interior Architect (CIID 0616)

Rm.1507 Blk.15 Anhuili District 2 Chaoyang Area, Beijing

18 years of professional experience in public facilities construction and commercial development projects;Familiar with the working environment and the differences of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore;As the coordinator in high quality control projects and famous international corporations;As the developer in construction field, using internet technology to connect design group and construction group

1989-1993 studied in the Chongqing University Architecture and Urban Planning Department.
1997-1998 studied Interior Architecture in Brighton University, U.K.

Practice Experience:
1993-1995 Worked for an architectural design company in Beijing;
1995-1997 Worked for Housing & Development Board in Singapore;
2000- now
Set up a design center and the company website
Main projects involved
Showroom of Sunco,Suzhou
Villa in Beijing
Showroom of Volvo

2001-2005? Part time translator of China Institute of Interior Design(CIID)
2005-2010 Part time manager of an private investment company

Familiar with software: Auto Cad, 3D Studio Max & Adobe Photoshop;
Able to draw perspectives and working drawings;
Good communicating skills with people;
Experience in English translation and business negotiations

As a Freelance Designer:
To set up a system of plan, edit and management, and this is a new concept in Asia area; To build low-cost, energy-save networking application system, to organize and modify interior design and property management, to provide the professional support case by case.

As a Private Company’s Designer
To lead a team of 4-5 experts, and report to general architect/manager. To organize and manager projects, planning human resources, making project budget, department principle and aim, and report to the project supervisor. To set up the architectural design system, material and product system and the performance system. To standardize project details and schedule; To provide consultant service in lighting and sound-isolation items; To help the company to decide, plan and realize the project, to increase the value of the company.

As a Project Designer:
To lead a team of experts and technical officers and cooperate with project leader to finish the design blue print; To select the most suitable building system and structure according to client’s feature and budget; The preparation of the agreement related working procedure and the regulations; Assist the Suppliers to finish the design details in structure system. Site visiting, and check the design drawings from contractors; To introduce design concepts to clients.

The following articles were published:
The Duty of Interior Designers- about the Taste
The Artificial Lighting for Retail
The Impression of English Fireplace
Material Characters and Interior Design
Minimalism and Design Philosophy

There are also some translation works being published
Interior Design, from Bauhaus to Mao’s memorial
The best American students’ work of 2000---Performance space design
Office space design---Vitra, Switzerland
The Model of Virtual Design System in Interior Design Project
Toward the Essence

More Personal Info:



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