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  International Ecological Designs Yearbook is an annual collection representing the latest international ecological designs. It includes those ecological design projects completed recently all over the world. The editorial department works very hard to promote the advanced culture and the academic exchange, to encourage the applications of the new materials, new technologies, and new standards, to award the qualified projects and their designers with certificates issued by a special committee. Companies and designers including those from overseas are welcome to contribute.

For more detail please contact editor: M/s Wu, Yu Teresa
Tel: 86-13911624921, No.100101-200 P.O. Box, Beijing 100101, P.R.China

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I Preface

II IFI Publication about Ecological(by Olle Anderson, pdf. file)

III Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (pdf. File)

IV The Contents of the Projects(1st for Architectural Biennial)

V Other Articles about Ecological

VI The Waste Water Treatment System


The Back Cover:
RMB 30,000 (US$ 4,000)

The Opposite of Front/Back Cover:
RMB 20,000 (US$ 2,500)

The Inside Page:
RMB 10,000 (US$ 1,500)

All year around <The Annual Report of International Ecological Design> solicits design projects and articles from designers, and accepts advertisements from the related companies.(the graphic design price is US$ 200/page ).


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